Introducing The Anchor Nano

One Of The Smallest Mech Squonkers!

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Anchor Box mods

Anchor Box Mods - Always Pioneering

What Is Behind The Anchor


American Made

Anchor is an American made company, and proud to be so! 

We offer a 30 day warranty on all devices with any failures not caused by improper use. We also will always be willing to handle any and all repairs after the 30 days for a small repair fee depending on service needed. 


3D Printing & More

We at Anchor Box Mods started as a 3D printed series box mod company. We utilized the best filaments paired with amazing printers to create custom boxes that so many came to enjoy. Since then, we have grown into so much more, we now offer SLS 3D printed alumide squonks. We still handle all design work and assembly in house to insure the highest quality with our products.


Join The Group

If you want to get to know us better or are on the search for limited batches in some special materials, come join our Facebook group! We also release special material door and button combos for the Anchor Nano in the group produced by our partners at 4DCB. Join now for the latests news and updates from Anchor.

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